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Champagner Ruinart

Champagne Ruinart

Customized bottle of Ruinart rosé champagne with luxurious rosé colored glass crystals. This bottle is covered in approximately 25.000 glass crystals by PRECIOSA set by hand in our studio.

A perfect extra luxurious present for a very special moment. Initials can be added as well.

Pricing for completely crystalized champagne bottles:
Piccolo bottle (0,2l) starts at € 320.
Demi bottle (0,37l)  starts at € 650.
Imperial bottle (0,75l) starts at € 850.
Magnum bottle (1,5l) starts at € 1.750.

Pricing for bigger sizes upon request.

Personalized bottles

We can crystalize any bottle of your choice. Please allow additional time for sourcing in case you have a special size or brand request.

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