We live in a global world where you can buy the same luxury brands almost anywhere in the world. The result is redundant uniformity paired with the need to always own the latest designs in order to ‘fit in’.

This is where VANSTEPH studio’s heart begins to beat:
We breathe new life into high-end luxury vintage products combined with true personalization to your desires.  This creates a positive impact on the planet, culture and conscience. You can live your own personal style and feel great about it.  ‘Slow luxury’ is a philosophical approach to enjoy the designs we have for a much longer time and to be proud of owning an item, which has been part of your path in life, and maybe even a part in your mother’s or grandmother’s life.

Thank you for joining our passion and becoming part of the VANSTEPH studio experience.


Fashion and Design has been part of Stephanie’s life since her early childhood inspired by her parents. As a true globetrotter, she developed a passion for sustainable aesthetics throughout her journey residing in Los Angeles, New York, Zurich, Milano and Munich. She graduated from prestigious Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles top of her class before she joined fashion designers like Carolina Herrera, Versace, Ralph Rucci and Akris.

During her various stints Stephanie realized the short-lived nature of the industry, which motivated her to start her own label.

Since then she focuses on sustainable longevity in luxury products through upcycling and customization. Unique design and exclusive crafts-woman-ship are the key ingredients to her work.

“To me, customizing and re-furbishing vintage designs is the best definition of luxury upcycling”
Stephanie A. Brede