General questions

–  What kind of crystals do you use?
We only work with Preciosa glass crystals (purchased from an authorized Preciosa dealer) on all custom orders

– Why are the designs so expensive?
Unlike other strassing companies we use 5-8 different sizes of crystals for each design. This makes the outcome of the design very intricate, but the process of strassing more time consuming than using just 1-2 sizes of crystals

How long does it take?
Every piece is unique and handmade ranging from 1.000 crystals to 20.000 crystals per design. All crystals are applied by hand. Depending on the amount of orders we currently have it can take between a few days to 8 weeks to finish your design. Please note: due to Covid-19 crystal orders take longer than usual. This may add some extra days to your order delivery

– I have a rush order?
Please get in touch, we are happy to make it happen. Additional charges may apply

– What can be crystalized?
Anything! We are thrilled to support your wildest crystal dreams in fashion terms. We might have to go into deep research if you ask for getting your private jet crystallized

– I have an idea, but not the bag/shoe/etc?
We can help you find your dream item. Just get in touch with us

– Are all your shop items original brands or copies?
We pride ourselves for upstyling vintage finds from well established second hand stores in Germany, or As we rely on their authentication VANSTEPH Studio cannot be held responsible in case an item turns out to be a fake. Please get in touch in case you are experiencing this issue

– My item arrived, but now some crystals have fallen off
VANSTEPH Studio offers a 1 year guarantee. So no worries we have you covered. Either you can use the extra bag of crystals and we show you how to repair it yourself, or you can ship your item back to us and we fix it for you. Shipping cost will be at your own expense. Please take a look at the Terms for more information

– Do you accept cancellations or returns?
As every design is 100% customized work all sales are final. No refunds or returns accepted. Please contact us if there is an issue:

– Is it possible to change the design/ color/ item?
We are happy to accept changes in case the design process was not started, such as orders for the crystals, work on your item

– Where is the VANSTEPH Studio located?
We are located in Munich Germany. You can visit us anytime. Please arrange an appointment prior to your visit

– Will you take photos of my item?
While we might take a photo of your item for social media, we will never share a customer information or prices on our posts. In case you wish to keep your purchase private, please let us know



– Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do. Shipping cost is added to your purchase. We do not cover shipping. Please note: International shipping may be subject to import taxes/ fees /duties. VANSTEPH Studio is not responsible for additional cost added in the process of importing your design to your country. Due to COVID-19 regulations international shipping times can take up to 4 weeks, depending on your location. Please get in touch if you need an extra fast delivery

– My item is lost, what do we do?
We ship everything insured and with tracking number, therefore we are positive we can find your parcel. Please get get in touch asap: In case it is lost for good please note that we are not responsible for the lost item and cannot be held accountable for reimbursing the item and the service provided at our studio.

– How much is shipping?
It depends on where you are located, shipping within Germany starts at 15 Euros with DHL for bags/shoes and 6 Euros for cellphone cases. Please get in touch for a quote to your location

– How do I ship my item to your studio?
Please mail your item ONLY with tracking AND with insurance. We are not responsible for lost items



Non affiliate disclaimer:  VANSTEPH Studio is not affiliated or authorized by any of the companies whose designs we are crystalizing. The trademark owners are not responsible for guarantee  or warranty of the customized product